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» KamalJeeth Laboratory Supplies - List of Other Product

Abbe Refractometer Laminar Air Flow
Acrylic Museum Jar Lamp Ultra Violet
Aerosol Disinfector Lechlanche Cell
Anaerobic Culture Jar Magnetic stirrer with Hot plate
Autoclave PortableMagnetic Stirrer without Hot Plate
Autoclave Vertical & Horizontal Magnetic Stirrer Paddle Teflon
Autopsy Saw (Oscillatory & Rotary Type) Medico Clinical Centrifuge
Automatic Pipette WasherMelting Point Apparatus
Automatic Water Distillation Unit Membrane Filter Holder & Paper
(Made from Borosil Glass) & QuartzMicro Cover Glass & Slides
Balance DispensingMicro Kjeldahl Digestion Unit
Balance Top PanMicroprocessor controlled Bacteriological Incubator
Ball Mill Lab(Memmert Type)
Bath incubator ShakerMicroprocessor controlled B.O.D. Incubator
(Metabolic Shaking Incubator)Microprocessor controlled Oven Universal (Memmert Type)
Bath Paraffin EmbeddingMicroslide Cabinet
Bath PhysiotherapyMicrotome Knife (Razor)
Bath constant Temperature DigitalMicrotome Knife sharpening Hone
Bath Rectangular (Single Wall)Microtome Micro Abrasives
Bath Rectangular (Double Wall)Microtome Rotary Advance Spencer Type & Lip Shaw
Bath SerologicalMuffle Furnace
Bath Tissue FloatationMuseum Jar Acrylic
Bath Ultra CryostatMicroscope Binocular
Binocular Microscope with Video Projection Colour T.V.Microscope Binocular with Video
Bio Safety CabinetProjection & Colour T.V.
Biochemistry & Serology ReagentsMicroscope Digital Trinocular with
B.O.D. Incubator (Microprocessor Controlled)Colour Monitor & Inkjet Printer
Bone Saw (Oscillatory & Rotary Type)Microscope Dark Field Binocular
Bunsen Burner ElectricMicroscope Inclined
Centrifuge MachineMicroscope Medical
Charts - & MapsMicroscope Phase contrast Binocular Microscope Student
Chemicals - Laboratory & Research GradeMicroscope Trinocular
Chromatographic CabinetNeedle Syringe Destroyer o
Colony Counter DigitalOven Memmert
Colony Counter Non DigitalOven Memmert (Microprocessor Controlled) Oven Vaccum
Conductivity Meter - TDS meterParaffin Embedding Bath PH Meter Digital
Constant Temp Bath DigitalPhoto Electric Colorimeter (Digital)
Colorimeter DigitalPhysics -Electronic Experimental setups.
Cover Glass & SlidePhysiotherapy Paraffin Wax Bath
Daniel Cell ElectronicPhysiotherapy Wax
Deep Freezer (Microprocessor Controlled)Pipette Box
DeioniserPetri Dish Box
Dessicator CabinetPipette Drier Electric
Diagnostic ReagentsPipette Washer Automatic
Digital Colony CounterPlant Physiology Experimental set ups.
Digital Conductivity MeterPolarimeter
Digital pH MeterPortable Autoclave
Digital PotentiometerPotentiometer Digital
Digital Trinocular Microscopes Potentiometer Expts. Electronic Cell
With Computer, Colour Monitor & Inkjet PrinterPower Pack Electrophoresis & Tank
Direct Vision SpectroscopeQuartz Distillation Apparatus
Dispensing BalanceRazor Attachment
Distillation Apparatus Quartz & GlassRefractometer (Hand)
Drier PipetteRefractometer (Oil & Sugar)
Egg IncubatorRefractometer Abbe
Electric Bunsen BurnerRota Mantles (Magnetic Stirrer)
Electronic Cell Rotary Microtome Advance (Spencer Type)
Electronic Top Loading Precision BalanceRotary Microtome Knife (Razor)
Electrophoresis TankRotary Shaker
Disc RoundSeitz Filter & Pad
MultipurposeSerological Water bath
HorizontalSerum Inspissator
ImmunoShaking Machine (Wrist Action) Rotary
Small VerticalShaking Machine Laboratory (Khan)
Submarine GelSlide Cabinet
Vertical Slab GelSlide Warming Table
Electrophoresis Power Pack DigitalSoxhlet Extraction Mantle
Fiberglass Models - Nursing & teaching Spectrophotometer -Visible & UV-Visible models
Filter Holder Membrane & Paper Filter Seitz & PadSpectroscope (Direct Vision with & without Wave Length)
Flame Photometer - Digital [Na, K, Ca & Li Filters]Standard Electronic Cell
Fume Cup Board (Exhaust Hood)Stirrer Laboratory
Glassware DrierStirrer Magnetic
Glassware - Borosilicate Superior QualityStirring Paddle Magnetized
Hand RefractometerTest Sieve Fine Series
Heating MantleTissue Floatation Bath
High Vacuum PumpTissue Homogenizer Electrical & Hand
Homogenizer (Electric)T.L .C. Apparatus
Homogenizer (Hand)Ultra Cryostat Circular Bath Digital
Hones (Sharpening Stone)Ultra Low Temp Cabinet (Microprocessor Controlled)
Hot Air Oven MemmertUltra Violet Lamp - Box Type & Tubes
Hot Air Oven Memmert (Microprocessor Controlled)V.D.R.L. Rotator
Hot Plate RectangularVaccum Oven
Hot Plate RoundVaccum Membrane Filter
Hood InoculationVaccum Pump - Oil & Oil Free models
Incubator B.O.D. (Microprocessor Controlled)Vertex Mixer
Incubator MemmertVideo Projection Binocular Microscope with Colour T. V.
Incubator Memmert (Microprocessor Controlled)Water Bath - Incubator Shaker
Infra Red Moisture Balance Water Bath - Rectangular (Double Wall)
Innoculation HoodWater Bath - Rectangular (Single Wall)
Inspissator SerumWater Bath - Serological
Kjeldahl Digestion UnitWater Still
Laboratory Shaking MachineWax Bath - Physiotherapy
Laboratory StirrerWestern Cadmium Electronic Cell
Lab Ball MillWilley Mill Lab
Lab Willey MillWooden Chromatographic Cabinet

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