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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Oven
We offer the most commonly used Vacuum Oven temperature ranging from 50oC to 150oC. The inner chamber is made out of SS and outer of MS sheet beautifully powder coated glass wool insulation is provided all around all around the chamber to minimize heat loss due to radiation. The door and its frame are made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum having a toughened glass window to view the samples placed inside. The temperature is controlled and indicated by a microprocessor based digital temperature indicating controller (LED). Vacuum control valve with a vacuum gauge is also provided. Maximum vacuum: 760mm of Hg. Mains: 220/230VAC.

Specification :
  • Available in Cylindrical & Rectangular in different sizes

Chamber size :
  • 300mmx300mm
  • 400mmx600mm
  • 450mmx600mm
  • 500mmx750mm

Applications :
  • Hospitals
  • Microbiology laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical institutes
  • Research laboratories
  • Scientific institutions


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